Types of Office Space

How do I find offices for lease near me? Properties for lease are not made equal. They vary in budget and location. However, defining where you need your office to be and how much you can afford to invest in a lease will not answer all your questions.

Indeed, commercial leases also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and building classes. We believe that for a business owner to make an informed decision, it’s essential to understand the different types of office space available.

To help you gain a better overview of your options, we, at Vesper Realty, have combined a simple guide that highlights the pros and cons of each office layout.


Traditional offices for lease near me

We often meet business owners who come to us, asking about the traditional office layout. A traditional office space typically includes wall partitions and desk separations. The desk division can occur in a variety of ways: Cubicles are a popular and most-frequently seen layout in large offices. However, with a small team, employees are more likely to have private offices.

The office layout provides your business with specific areas to handle client appointments while protecting privacy and confidentiality.

However, a traditional office plan also includes a number of collaborative areas, such as meeting rooms and brainstorming settings where the team can combine forces on shared projects.

Traditional layouts are best suited for legal and financial companies and other industries that offer professional services. Traditional offices for lease tend to come with a multi-year agreement, enabling companies to secure their location for the long term.

Creative commercial for lease near me

Creative office space is one of the most popular designs nowadays: The open-plan space. Open-plan are more commonly found in startups, tech companies, and the creative industry, such as a design or marketing agency. However, the popularity of this office type makes open-plan properties for lease a favorite for many businesses.

The openness of the design reinforces cooperation and exchange, an essential part of the work process for a creative team. But one of the most significant advantages for small businesses and startups is the impact on the spatial need per employee. In an open-plan layout, you can sit more employees in the same area, as there’s no need to worry about partition and individual offices.

Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that tenants secure private offices for the management and confidential data tasks even in a creative office layout.

Coworking space in offices for lease near me

The clue is in the name. Coworking space means that your business shares the office space with other professionals and companies. Coworking arrangements are popular in large cities. They generally attract solo entrepreneurs, small startups, and freelancers, who can benefit from the flexible lease terms.

Indeed, coworking lease agreements can let you rent out a number of desks for any given period, ranging from a day to a year. For independent professionals who are attending a conference in town for a few days, for instance, this could be the perfect, temporary workplace. Many home-based professionals also rely on coworking to change their work environment from time to time.

These low-cost leases can help entrepreneurs working with a limited budget to work in a professional environment for as long as they need. Besides, coworking offices encourage networking and social interactions between tenants, which is a fantastic solution to build a business network or find a new partner.

However, this flexible seating isn’t suitable if you need to handle confidential data as part of your day-to-day processes.


Contiguous office properties for lease near me

The contiguous office space combines multiple suites on the same lease to be rented by one tenant. The suites can be either located on the same floor or multiple floors of the same building. For example, it’s not uncommon for a growing business to lease an entire floor for the business. If your company is growing, you may want to rent out the next floor above to make sure you can keep everyone in the same space.

Ideally, we recommend negotiating contiguous office suites leases simultaneously to make it easier to manage and organize. It can be tricky to negotiate each office suite with your landlord to build a contiguous layout over time.

Shared office suites for lease near me

Shared office space means that a company is renting out space they don’t use in their offices. Shared office suites are typically cheaper and more flexible than a typical lease. As a result, the shared office setting is ideal for small businesses, startups, solo entrepreneurs, and businesses testing new markets.

As a sublease is flexible, it is easier to get out of the lease agreement if you change your mind or close down your business. The design naturally encourages networking and interactions, as it’s not uncommon to share break rooms and common areas.

Executive suites in commercial for lease near me

The executive suite is a fully-serviced workspace within a property that is already leased to another company. Similarly to a coworking office, leases are flexible and typically available as a monthly agreement or in trimestral increments.

The suite is fully furnished and set with a broadband connection and phone wires. You also enjoy all the perks of a business suite, such as a professional reception, conference room, break room, etc.

Solo-entrepreneurs, freelancers, and independent professionals who are meeting clients are the best candidates for this office space.

A word on office building classes

Most office spaces come in either of the following classifications:

  1. Largest and highest quality office space, in desirable building, tech infrastructure, and specialist tenant services. It is the most expensive class.
  2. Typically small offices but in good locations and filled with reliable amenities and management services. Ideal for companies at an early stage of development.
  3. The lowest office building class that offers the fewest tenant services. Class C office spaces are often turned into residential units.


We, at Vesper Realty, specialize in real estate services for tenants and landlords. With over 25 years of experience, we can help you define the type of office and office class most suitable for your needs. We appreciate that office types can be confusing for a first-time business owner, so we are happy to guide you through the lease process. Give us a call, 585-228-3177. We’d love to help bring your business to the next level!