How to Find Office Suites for Lease Near Me

If you are in the process of moving your home-based venture into physical premises, the first question you want to ask yourself is: Are there commercial buildings for rent near me?

Indeed, we understand that it can be confusing to figure out how and where to start your quest for the perfect office suites for lease.

With over 25 years of experience, our team at Vesper Realty often encounters business owners who come to us asking: Where can I find office suites for rent near me to establish my brand? We offer dedicated services to help you find commercial buildings for rent in Metro Detroit, Michigan, and surrounding areas. To make sure you can rapidly find the right office space for your venture, we’ve created a guide that lets you define and calculate your needs!


What are my office suites needs?

You need to evaluate how much space your business requires. Not all office suites leases are the same. Prices will be defined according to a variety of criteria: square feet surface, location, facilities, and commodities available, type of offices, etc. The choice can be overwhelming at first. So we recommend that you start your journey by calculating how big your office suites need to be.

You can use a simple formula to calculate approximately the necessary square feet surface for you and your team. As a rule of thumb, an employee needs 75 to 150 square feet. More employees can share the same space in an open-space office layout, as you don’t need to add wall division and cubicle panels, for instance. Management-level staff generally needs 150 to 400 square feet, accounting for dedicated office space.

You should also make a note of your common areas, such as the kitchen or break room, for instance.

Your business spatial needs go as such:

Square feet per employee x number of existing employees + 30% for common areas + 10%-20% for growth (or more relevant figure for your specific business model)


Best commercial building for rent near me: Employee & client needs

Defining how much space you need inside is the start of your journey. You should also consider the layout, both interior, and exterior. The interior layout refers to the type of office space, such as a traditional office layout or an open-space layout. It should also include essential features for your business, such as relevant accessibility considerations, the number of meeting rooms, and the addition of client service areas if relevant.

On the other hand, your exterior layout can include parking availability, accessibility facilities for both employees and clients, etc.

What makes the best location for office suites for lease near me?

The choice of location is determined by two crucial factors, aside from your budget:

  • The proximity to your target audience and the relevant demographics,
  • The proximity to public transportation or highways for easy and rapid access.

When can I move into the office suites?

When you are in the process of comparing office suites, the lease period can vary dramatically between locations and landlords. It is worth considering the best start date for your budget, as you don’t want to pay rent without using the space.

We recommend comparing lease duration, as a short lease can offer flexibility, while long lease agreements provide cost stability.

Now that we’ve given you the basics, do you have more questions? Are you unsure of how to proceed? Get in touch with our team at Vesper Realty to move your business to the next level with an office suite lease!